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You want a barber you can trust. Someone you can count on for years. You don’t just count on your barber for quality cuts, grooming, and excellent service—you build a relationship with him or her. You want someone who understands your personality, your style, and who knows how to give you what you want.

At Gus The Other Barber, we offer the finest men’s and women’s haircuts, men’s grooming, and massage services in Toronto, ON. Whether you’re growing a lumber jack’s beard and need a beard trim or it’s time to shave your Movember mustache, we offer complete grooming services. Our scalp, neck, and shoulders massage will make you forget about the heavy load you often carry. You can relax here. We’ll get you cleaned up and we’ll rejuvenate you.

Owner Gus Evagelos has years of experience in the business and he’s hired all of us because we’re well-trained and certified. Born in Sparta Greece in the early 1940's, Gus began his apprenticeship as a barber at roughly 12 years old. At the age of 18, Gus moved to Canada where he began work for George Kasimos at George’s Barbershop located at 499 Bloor St. W. He took over the shop and named it Gus’ Barbershop in 1966, but the name didn’t last through the 70's.

Gus never understood the trend that emerged of everyone calling themselves hair stylists as opposed barbers, so he changed the name to Gus The Other Barber. He changed the name because he wanted everyone to know he was proud to be a barber and that’s what he did. He was a man who cut hair—especially men’s—and specialized in shaves and beard trims.

When you get a cut or a shave at our barbershop, you get the entire experience—the stuff you wonder about from the barbershops of old. We’re still that barbershop and we’re still those barbers. Stop by our place or give us a call today.

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